B. R. A. K. E. S.
Group of Westfield NJ
Bikers Runners And Kids Expect Safety

Westfield Police Department

The Westfield Police Department is working to improve pedestrian and traffic safety throughout the Town of Westfield. We would like to enlist the cooperation of the parents of school age children in this effort. Two major problems are parking and speeding. We would like to address these problems to eliminate the congestion around the schools at dismissal time and set an example for other motorists.

1. DO NOT park in prohibited areas, handicapped spaces or bus zones.

2. DO NOT PARK on or within 25 feet of crosswalks.

3. DO NOT PARK too close to intersections because it restricts drivers view.

4. DO NOT PARK too close to private driveways. It is unfair to the residents that live close to the schools.

5. PARK away from the school. Arrange to meet your child at a predetermined location at least one block away. Have a plan. Have a back up plan.

6. Encourage your child to walk or bike safely to school. Helmets are required for children under 14 years of age.

7. Watch for other children that may run out into the street.

8. Follow the directions and guidelines of the Crossing Guards. They are trained and are there for the safety of the children. Be patient.

9. DO NOT wave your children across the street. Go and meet them and cross with the Crossing Guard or at crosswalk. Drivers cannot see children coming out from between parked cars.

10. Obey the speed limit. Watch your speedometer. It probably leans closer to 40 mph than 25 mph. If you go the speed limit, so will the car behind you.

11. ALWAYS wear your seat belt and buckle up your children in the BACK SEAT. SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES.

12. When waiting to pick up a student, the vehicle may use a "no parking zone" for a short period of time provided the operator remains in the vehicle and does not block a school bus zone, crosswalk or intersection.


Know the Rules

Drivers---Your responsibilities:

You must yield to pedestrians incrosswalks.

"Yield" sometimes means "Stop," ifthat's required to let a pedestrian crossthe street safely.

You must yield to pedestrians who stepoff the curb to cross the street.

At crosswalks with a traffic light, youmust yield to pedestrians crossing on the green light.

Even if an intersection does not have atraffic signal or special sign, you mustyield to pedestrians.

Don't pass another car that is yielding toa pedestrian.


Pedestrians---Your responsibilities:

In dusk and evening hours wear light colored reflective clothing

Don't jaywalk.

Cross only at marked crosswalks if theyare available.

Stay within the white lines of crosswalks.

If there is no marked crosswalk nearby,cross the street at right angles to thecurb.

Don't suddenly leave the curb and walkinto the path of an oncoming car.

If you are not in a crosswalk, yield tooncoming cars.

If there is a sidewalk you must use it.You may not walk in the street.

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